Tile Shower in Kennewick

Shower Remodel

Kennewick, Washington is located on the shores of Lake Washington, an enchanting community just north of the Olympic Peninsula. Homeowners interested in taking their share of waterfront real estate will find plenty of options in Kennewick. The lakefront homes and small, private cabin rentals offer the charm of small town living, with all of the amenities of larger cities, but at a more affordable price. Many homeowners also choose to rent a cottage or vacation home instead of buying, which allows them the freedom to explore without being tied down by rental agreements.


As with many other neighborhoods, Kennewick offers an excellent array of homes and property for renovation. According to online bathroom remodel data, the average shower remodel cost is $4, 130 (according to HomeAdvisor). But walk-in shower kits can run even lower, from just a hundred to three hundred dollars. For more luxury, but smaller budgets, a combination soaker tub and walk-in shower combo can be purchased. In fact, a variety of these building materials are available.


Once homeowners have decided on their budget, they must decide what type of plumbing and fixtures they will use. Kennewick residents are fortunate in that the vast majority of homeowner’s problems can be resolved by either calling a plumber or using the do-it-yourself variety of tile and fixture removal techniques. Kennewick is home to several established plumbing companies, and residents are generally able to call one of them for most problems. Still, it is a good idea to let a plumber know where you plan to place a new hot tub or vanity before they arrive. Plumbing companies in Kennewick will often come to your home with one of these fixtures or a free water jetting system. Some even offer leak detection services free of charge.


Tile is the first choice for many when it comes to shower remodel, but vinyl tiles are becoming increasingly popular due to their easy installation. Homeowners should be aware that vinyl may crack over time. Homeowners should also be aware that tile can be difficult to clean when a particularly stubborn build-up of soap scum collects behind fixtures. In order to get rid of soap scum, it may be necessary to scrub tile grout or remove tiles. Kennewick homeowners should also be aware that shower curtains are not a good choice for cleaning tile, as the water could make its way into the shower stalls.


Tile is still the overwhelming favorite when it comes to shower tile in Kennewick, and homeowners seem willing to pay much of anything to obtain quality tile in this area. Tile installation in showers can be completed in just a few hours using a kit from Home Improvement Superstore. Most of the tile used in showers in Kennewick has an anti-slip surface to help ensure no slips are made when wet. Mosaic shower tiles are extremely durable, and Home Improvement Superstore offers special tile care kits to help homeowners maintain them.


Remodeling a bathroom or changing the layout in a bathroom can be a daunting task. However, when the project includes an entire shower remodel, all of the rooms can be included in one project. By installing a tile shower, homeowners will have created a spa-like room where they can relax, shower, and apply makeup. The tile shower will be finished with a polished, modern look that matches the rest of the room. Homeowners looking to save money when building a new home or updating an existing one should take a look at tile showering in Kennewick.