Benefits of Underfloor Heating Systems Vs Decks

A hardwood floor is a beautiful flooring option for many homes. However, a hardwood floor can only be installed by a professional flooring installer. Installing your own hardwood floor can be a lot of work and a lot of expense. For these reasons, many people choose to purchase laminate flooring instead. If you’re thinking about choosing laminate flooring, finding a flooring expert in Durham is important.

There are three major benefits of choosing this flooring over regular hardwood: moisture resistance, savings on installation costs, and easy clean up after spills. Hardwood does absorb moisture, especially from spilled beverages or food. A high quality laminate flooring material will not absorb any moisture and will not swell due to moisture. This means that you will not have to replace your bathroom flooring after a spill, and you won’t have to worry about re-carpeting or repainting your bathroom after a spill.

Because it’s moisture resistant, laminate has the added benefit of providing a more wear-resistant surface than most other floor materials. Laminate floors also resist scratching and denting, so you don’t have to worry about small, unsightly scratches becoming larger over time. The best quality of this type of flooring material will have a smooth finish that prevents scratches. Choosing a quality, scratch-resistant laminate flooring expert in Durham will make sure you get this benefit.

Most homeowners choose engineered wood flooring because of its moisture resistance. Engineered wood has an incredibly tight grain structure, which is composed of tiny sawn-off strips that are connected together with large planks. Each board is then coated with a moisture-repelling resin, which makes the underfloor warmer when it’s warmed by the bathroom or bedroom’s main floor temperature. This extra warmth can lead to significant cost savings on winter heating bills.

Hardwood flooring provides another benefit of engineered wood flooring that most homeowners appreciate. Because it’s composed of heavier boards, hardwood flooring can be installed into places that would be challenging to install alternate flooring materials into. If you have a wall that’s difficult to reach or if you need to make a large area seem smaller through the use of patterned wallpaper, you can easily achieve both of these goals through the use of hardwood flooring. Of course, installing engineered wood flooring yourself is still possible, but it’s not nearly as simple or inexpensive as using underfloor heating systems. Engineered hardwood flooring may also be installed over existing flooring, which will make any room look significantly larger.

Tile flooring can be made to look just like hardwood flooring, but it offers the benefit of a lightweight material that can be installed almost anywhere. You can install tiles in any room of your home and it will look just as good as tiles. Some types of tile flooring are more moisture resistant than others, but if you want your tiles to stay looking great even after several years of wear, you should purchase an eco-friendly flooring option. Eco-friendly tiles are manufactured using recycled content and they are slightly more expensive than traditional tiles, but the price difference is well worth it when you consider the many benefits of having eco-friendly flooring in your home. For more details on flooring installation visit