Bath Remodel – How to Get Started

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If you are contemplating on undergoing a bathroom makeover, but are unsure of whether it will be worth all of your hard work, or even if you can manage the project, consider this: a bathroom remodel can be completed within a few hours, on any weekend. Unlike other major home projects, such as a kitchen remodel, basement remodel, or exterior home remodel, a bathroom remodel typically only requires one day of work for preparation and minor repair. Many companies are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to assist you in every step of the process from planning to execution. Let’s take a brief look at some of the “plumbing” tasks involved in completing a bathroom remodel.


Planning – Before you begin any major project, such as a new kitchen or basement remodel, you need to plan. Although most plumbers have weekend availability, it’s still a good idea to start planning, if for nothing else, to ensure completion of your remodel by the time your next full week of work arrives. Schedule a consultation with your local plumbing contractor to discuss your bathroom remodel and any ideas or questions you may have. Many plumbing companies offer free consultations and can answer questions, even those you may not have thought to ask.


Investigation – Once you have the basic outline of your Bath Remodel project planned out, it’s time to dig in. Start by pulling out old pipes and checking to see if they need to be replaced. Look for leaks and determine what tools you will need to properly replace the pipes. This will save time, frustration, and money.


Selection – When it comes to selecting a contractor, you are likely going to have a fairly narrowed selection of professionals. Start by asking friends and family for referrals and going through the phone book. Don’t stop at a handful or two, but expand your search until you find a few potential contractors with whom you feel comfortable working. Make sure that they have experience with your specific type of remodel, and if possible, contact their references.


Funding – When all of the preliminary data is in, and you know that plumbers will be able to participate in your project, you need to raise the capital to complete the project. This typically requires obtaining a mortgage, personal loan, or line of credit. Plumbing companies will generally have a working relationship with most mortgage lenders, so this should not be a problem. Just make sure that your lender is aware of your renovation plans, including the scope of work, your payment schedule, and when you expect to be finished.