Choosing the Best Flooring Options

There are a number of different flooring materials available on today’s market. These range from natural stone, such as marble or limestone; to synthetic products such as linoleum or PVC. Quarry tile is an example of a synthetic product and one of the most commonly used in contemporary interior design. Before selecting the right type of flooring material for a particular application you should first consider the following points.

You will need to consider many factors when choosing between different flooring materials. If you are working with a small area then you should think about the space available. How much traffic will there be? Will those living in the property also be using the carpet? Are there any pets or young children around? Each of these factors will help you decide the type of tile to choose.

There are a number of different flooring materials available based on the type of surface you are wishing cover. For example, laminate floors can be used on a concrete slab or stone patio. Vinyl tile is ideal for light to medium traffic areas and planks are very durable and scratch resistant.

Before laying the tiles do a professional inspection so that you are aware of the type of flooring materials you will be using. You will need to have a thorough check over the sub-flooring, under flooring and any other components to make sure that there are no damaged tiles that could potentially cause damage to your new floor. It is also worth considering the amount of traffic that is likely to be passing through the room so that the flooring can be designed to withstand the pressure. In the case of heavier traffic areas you may wish to opt for thicker planks and increase the overall thickness.

One of the most popular flooring options in recent years has been made from terrazzo. The unique grain structure of terrazzo allows it to be used on a wide variety of different flooring surfaces and the beauty of the patterning can enhance any room. You will find that the wide choice of different terrazzo patterns suit almost every existing space.

Another option that provides a great look and is highly durable is wood flooring materials. These are the most popular in homes due to their low cost and high level of quality. They are available in a range of different wood grains and stains and can also be custom finished to suit any personal style. Common choices include oak, beech, and pine. Wood flooring materials are ideal for all kinds of traffic areas such as hallways, living rooms and bedrooms where high levels of foot traffic occurs. Due to their durability they are a good option for basement floors where the wear and tear of foot traffic is at its worst.